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Have Your Say Day

Monday, May 14th, 2012

It happened during the Boat Race, a lone protester dived in, swam between the boats,
almost decapitated by highly-educated oarsmen, a literal
meaning to “making headway,” had he not ducked under the blades
in the nick of time. Not a pretty sight, especially at tea time on tv! He was against
elitism, so am I, but I won’t be copying him; it’s a bit elitist to think you have the right to
disrupt anything and everything.

There is a huge risk that groups or individuals with a bee in their bonnet, a strong
belief, cause or grievance will try to disrupt the London Olympics in some way;
obstructing marathon runners, streaking at the football, abseiling down the stadium,
parachuting into beach volleyball – you name it, they’ll try it! (more…)